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Beverly & Abbey Daniell are a Mother-Daughter Duo located west of Atlanta in Douglas County.



"I'm not sure when she became my best friend... Was it while laughing and crying during our numerous Gilmore girls marathons? or was it while oohing and aahing over our favorite photographs? Somewhere though, along the journey, she moved past my little girl and became my confidant, exercise partner, movie pal, shopping buddy, and my friend. I suppose that's why we work so well together while photographing; she gets me. We think alike. We finish each others sentences... Don't get me wrong; she will always be my little girl. I believe that's why every time I photograph a high school senior, a family, an engagement, or a wedding... I feel all the emotion of the beautiful stages of life. I see just how valuable snapshots of each stage of the journey are. Abbey & I, as More Than A Snapshot, have a journalistic or lifestyle point of view, if you will. We desire to find picturesque settings to capture you and your loved ones doing what you do best... Just being you. Loving, Laughing, and remembering it all with the perfect snapshot."

-Beverly Daniell




Member of the PPA - Professional Photographers Association